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Transformation and strategic review: along with our clients in the definition and the reinforcement of their strategic plan.

  • Market: market segmentation review, size and volume growth per segment (underlying stocks growth, substitution by new products/services/distribution channel, etc) or market-price dynamics
  • Competitive environment: level of consolidation review per segment, analysis of the market-entry barriers and the power balance with customers, retailers and substitutes.
  • Commercial performance/growth levers: on the basis of information contained in customer survey, performance analysis on key purchase criterion and analysis of priority levers permitting to ensure client legitimacy and capturing new clients etc.
  • Operational performance: analysis of historical performance, analysis of relative performance based on kpis versus competitors, review of priority levers identified by the management

Transformation and performance’s improvement:
encouraging our client to implement change

  • Identifying and implementing measures improving performance
  • Assisting the Management Audit to implement a follow-up plan on the improvement of performance and/or to identify management requirements.
  • Developing one or several positions with a substantial improvement potential – such as back-office, sales or purchase desks.


  • Assisting the management during assets and business disposal operation or business closure.
  • Optimizing stocks, trade receivables and suppliers debt.


  • Re-evaluating the stock level and cash-flow projections.


  • Implementing a rolling cash-flow forecast with a 13 weeks vision as a management tool