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Distress M&A

Distress M&A
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Distress M&A

1. M&A’s department expertise
Negotiation, financial engineering, complex financing, research for buyers or investors, process management.
2.  Accompanying directors in defining their strategy
Challenge and review of the original business plan; addition of new shares if necessary
3. Specialized in preventive and collective proceedings 
Cash-flow optimization, risk coverage for directors and officers
4. Trustworthy relationship with procedures
Mandataire ad-hoc and Conciliateur, Trustee (Administrateur Judiciaire and Mandataire Judiciaire), lawyers, lenders, financial auditors and advisors, investors, hedge funds, financial sector advisory committee and Interministerial committee
5. A solid expertise in financial leverage
Refinancing of long-term and current assets (assets refinancing, stocks and debts refinancing, cash-flow management)

Scheme of intervention in Distress M&A

Opportunities: Acquisition of a distressed company

Optimizing and securing a transaction

  • To identify the main issues and business opportunities
  • To finance the transaction
  • To secure the wording of the financial terms
  • To succeed the deal

A strong experience with distressed companies providing a global approach of business

  • Analysis of financial performances
  • Creation of financial Business Plan and cash-flow forecasts
  • Support during the procedure with the various stakeholders
  • Definition of the strategy concerning the deal (assets disposal plan, debt purchase – debt equity swap operations).
  • Negotiation with creditors and notably with financial institutions (lenders, investment funds, shareholders) and any other strategic creditors (ex. Landlords).
  • Drafting support for the financial and strategic aspects of the binding offers